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Iridium 9555
Iridium 9555

Thuraya XT
Thuraya XT

Inmarsat IsatPro
Inmarsat IsatPro

Iridium GO

Thuraya Hotspot

Inmarsat IsatHub

Thuraya IP
Thuraya IP

Inmarsat BGAN


"Satellite Mobile Phone" is the necessity of crisis managements

How do you communicate in the place where general telephone isn't available?

 Technology Three's main line of business is the rental of satellite phones.  Its customers are employees of trading companies, engineers, and members of government agencies or the media working in locations such as oil plants or mountains where there are either no or limited means of communications. Most of the rentals are for use overseas, but the firm is also offering rentals in Japan for as tools for urgent communications enabling companies to deal with emergency situations in crisis management.

 We propose a Japanese version of a disaster recovery system based on the American thinking regarding crisis management of "how best to gather and share information" in the event an emergency such as an earthquake. Further, we are working to spread the idea in disaster training or crisis management seminars sponsored by government agencies or NPOs.

Satellite Rental Division
  • Rental of Satellite Mobile Phone
    • Iridium Satellite Communication System       Coverarea
    • Thuraya Satellite Communication System      Coverarea
    • Inmarsat Satellite Communication System     Coverarea

Import Division/small>
  • Import of variety goods which relate to Crisis Management System
    • Software of Crisis Management System
    • Satellite Mobile Phone (Thuraya / Inmarsat / Iridium)
    • Satellite IP Terminal      (Thuraya / Inmarsat)

System Integration Division
  • System Integration of Crisis Management System
    • Emergency Contact System
    • Disaster Recovery System
    • Damage Assessment System
    • Seminar/Training/Study

Link (Japanese NGO)
    Japan Campaign to Ban Landmines     Peace Winds Japan
    Earth the Spaceship (ETS)     Save the children     Association for Aid and Relief, Japan

Link (Japanese NPO)

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